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The most extraordinary thing about a really good teacher is that he or she transcends accepted educational methods


How The Classes Work









Your English Is Continuously Assessed And Improved Without You Having To Worry


My sessions work, first and foremost, by eliminating the stress that teenagers and adults learning languages almost always feel: being under pressure to follow a set text or syllabus means that we just copy instead of truly learning.


If we can learn a new language as we learned our own language as children - through speaking about ourselves, our lives, our loves, our hates, our worries, our needs - we absorb the complicated mechanisms naturally and they become instinctive. My sessions cover all aspects of English and reduce errors in exactly this way.


My students feel relaxed and able to learn in a way that's non-judgemental and allows their own intelligence and personality to be reflected in the way they speak English - and to have been exposed to a wide range of real-world English that means that books and films become much more understandable and enjoyable!


The Educational Philosophy Behind This: Michael And Michel


Traditional EFL teaching and learning relies on strict grammar, spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary areas. 'The Lexical Approach' is a method, formulated by Michael Lewis over twenty years ago, that has been proved as an effective alternative to the torturous old school methods.


The idea is simple: teach and learn the language that is spoken and written. In the lexical approach, instruction focuses on fixed expressions that occur frequently in dialogues, which make up a larger part of discourse than unique phrases and sentences. Vocabulary is prized over grammar per se in this approach.


Another important influence is the work of Michel Thomas whose work in teaching multliple languages - again by avoiding old-school methods and stress - means that his methods are world-famous, still used over a decade after his death in many languages except English, but the principles apply and that's why I have adapted the Michel Thomas Method.



What This Means In Practise










- Margaret Mead -

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